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Web3/Metaverse is games and so much more

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Integrated Real-time Protocol (IRP) is a Privacy Preserving Decentralized Glass-to-Glass Protocol


Our Mission

Web1 and Web2 network protocols, whether TCP- or UDP-based, were not designed for the secure real-time transport of very high bit-rate media streams and large storage payloads required by Web3. The decentralized internet applications (dApps), plus the new wave of Glass-to-Glass metaverse experiences, mixed reality (MR) environments, and live 8K streams, demand that internet streaming and storage transport protocols be re-imagined.

The mission of the Ronin X Foundation is to advance the education, advancement, and adoption of a new Web3 protocol designed from the ground up called Integrated Real-time Protocol (IRP).

As a leaderless, and decentralized technology, it is our belief that IRP will accelerate the growth of the many verticals like M&E, Metaverse, NFT marketplaces, Medical Imaging, Aerospace & Automotive, and AR/VR by creating equitable and long standing value in the content creation, management, and distribution process.

We are a 501c3, non-profit. We operate transparently. We believe in open source, and Apache/MIT licensing.

Guided by our community of studios, production houses, camera equipment manufacturers, storage providers, Internet Service providers, cloud service provides, 5G providers, Metaverse, NFT marketplaces and blockchain developers, the Ronin X Foundation will prioritize the roadmap based on votes submitted by participants (DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

What We Do

Working Groups

The Ronin X Foundation works with industry to establish best practices, opensource code, and reference architectures, aimed at advancing camera to mainnet decentralized flows


We are open sourcing the design and architecture of the protocol along with the media player and will provide the source code for reference implementations, in C, C++ and Rust, from our GitHub account.

Transport Working Group

IRP's transport “layer” is based on MinimaLT. This working group will expand the capabilities of MinimaLT to incorporate a universal container into the protocol, with support for a high-resolution clock and future-proof payload counters.

Metadata Working Group

Metaverse content require metadata to flow through from first mile Glass (camera lens data, color lookup table, etc), to be then used in the post production workflow and finally onto the last mile Glass (VR, AR, Mobile, etc) to render opportunities for contextual commerce. The metadata working group will define a universal metadata container and interoperability attributes into an industry standard payload container for IRP.

File Working Group

IRP will encompass more than merely a specification for a network protocol. It will also include the design and reference implementation of the receiver-side functionality that receives and writes incoming IRP payloads into ever-growing large files. In leading this effort, the File Working Group will factor into its design the specific requirements of a rich variety of video and other imagery payloads.

Metaverse Working Group

The Metaverse will feature a very wide range of digital formats, whether mixed reality objects, 360 degree video productions, 8K video streams, high-resolution immersive audio, or medical imagery. All of these formats will be carried over IRP in flexible and efficient containers that are tightly coupled to the underlying transport. The Metaverse Working Group will design and develop a range of containers and related technologies to support the Metaverse's digital environments.

Ledger Working Group

IRP will serve as both a generator and transporter of cryptographically robust properties that will be written into a blockchain to assert the provenance and protect the integrity of digital payloads. The Ledger Working Group will explore and develop ways of maximizing the synergies between IRP and blockchain technology in order to increase efficiency and performance.

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We are actively seeking additional stewards and community leader to help seed and lead projects and working groups

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