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Web3/Metaverse is games and so much more

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Integrated Real-time Protocol (IRP) is a Privacy Preserving Decentralized Glass-to-Glass Protocol




Our Mission

A new protocol is needed to unlock the full potential of Glass-to-Glass streaming and enable the emergence of the Metaverse.

IRP is based on UDP and its transport and security features are derived from MinimaLT (Minimal Latency Tunneling), a very innovative and extremely secure network transport protocol designed by a team including Daniel J Bernstein, one of the world’s preeminent cryptographers. MinimaLT’s advanced security features and state-of-the-art encryption endow IRP with the capacity to fully protect network communications against eavesdropping, modification, and to a large extent, Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Additionally, IRP protects privacy by providing decentralized cryptographic authentication of servers, clients, and users – an absolute necessity for metaverse, medical imagery streaming and other sensitive applications.

We are open sourcing the design and architecture of the protocol, under a permissive open source license, and will provide the source code for reference implementations, in C and C++, from our GitHub account. To ensure the versatility of IRP’s integrated universal media container, we will partner with digital creators and media producers to design the container’s features, not only for today’s payloads but for future payloads as well. To demo some of IRP’s Glass-to-Glass capabilities, we will develop an open source IRP-based media player. We will utilize the open source community’s array of static code analyzers, fuzzers and other tools to identify and remove all weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the IRP software. We will leverage advanced verification tools such as Tamarin and Prover to ensure correctness.

Guided by our community of camera manufacturers, storage providers, Internet Service providers, infrastructure providers, 5G providers, studios, the Ronin X Foundation is launching the Open Metaverse that can deliver payload of 8K and beyond ultra low latency, high bitrate, packet secured stream with interoperability standard.

What We Do

Working Groups

The Ronin X Foundation works with industry to establish best practices, opensource code, and reference architectures, aimed at advancing camera to mainnet decentralized flows


We are open sourcing the design and architecture of the protocol along with the media player and will provide the source code for reference implementations, in C, C++ and Rust, from our GitHub account.

Metadata Working Group

Metaverse content require metadata to flow through from first mile Glass (camera lens data, color lookup table, etc), to be then used in the post production workflow and finally onto the last mile Glass (VR, AR, Mobile, etc) to render opportunities for contextual commerce. The metadata working group will define a universal metadata container and interoperability attributes into an industry standard payload container for IRP.

Metaverse Working Group

The Metaverse will feature a very wide range of digital formats, whether mixed reality objects, 360 degree video productions, 8K video streams, high-resolution immersive audio, or medical imagery. All of these formats will be carried over IRP in flexible and efficient containers that are tightly coupled to the underlying transport. The Metaverse Working Group will design and develop a range of containers and related technologies to support the Metaverse's digital environments.

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